Electric Service Panel Replacement

Do I really need a new Panel?

The first question most people ask is "Can you repair my electric service panel". The answer is sometimes yes but many times, due to the age and condition of your old panel we may recommend replacement. There are very few repairs that can be made safely and due to liability issues panel manufacturers discourage field repairs and do not supply parts. 

We have extensive experience with the requirements of most power companies in Arizona. They each have specific requirements and each city has specific building code requirements. We often are called upon to repair botched panel jobs. We've picked up some best practices along the way.

How much will it cost?

Beware of low ball quotes from contractors who will wait until you are without power then start adding cost's. They will often install the cheapest equipment available. Service panels normally fail do to overheating, improper loading or shoddy installation. We use only the highest quality brand name components  capable of withstanding the unusally harsh conditions in the desert southwest.  A well planned installation should last fifty years or more. It should be capable of handling expansion for such things as solar power or electric vehicle charging stations.

Our prices our very competitive, usually less than $2000 for the entire project. We are fully licensed in most municipalities throughout  the state. We are members of the Better Bussiness Bureau, the AZROC and are SRP Certified Energy Alliance Contractors.

How long will I be witout Power?

We take care of all aspects of your project including obtaining the required building permits, scheduling inspections and restoring power after the installation. We are very proud of the fact that we provide one day service 99 percent of the time. There is no need to worry about the food in your refrigerator or suffering without electricity for more than just a few hours.