Flat Screen TV Installation

Now that you have your TV you may want to mount it to a wall and hide the cables. We do quite a few of these jobs. In addition to safely mounting your TV our standard package involves adding a receptacle behind the TV. Hopefully there is a receptacle along the wall within 5 feet of the TV's location. It can be on either side of the wall. As long as it's within approximately 5 feet we can almost always tap into it without making any extra holes in your plaster. For the HDMI cables etc., we install a plaster ring up behind the TV and then another below it near the floor. We then install a pull string or we can pull in your cables for you. Our charge for this package is $150 for the first TV and then $125 for each additional unit. You supply the TV. You will also want to purchase a bracket and HDMI/Audio cables as needed or we can supply them for a nominal charge.